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Reading a "goodbye" card from my students.

I Am Ms. Fuller and I Am…

– A licensed English teacher in Ohio
– Passionate about teaching
– An avid reader
– An amateur nature photographer
– A native Clevelander (and proud of it!)
– A tree-hugger
– A Xavier Musketeer
– and so much more…

In 2009-2010 I taught 9-12 grade English at an alternative high school as a sub for a woman on maternity leave.  Currently I work with emotionally disturbed and cognitively delayed students in grades 8-11.  As the security of my position is unsure I am looking for other teaching positions and while I’m at it I am busy acquainting myself with the world of YA Literature one book at a time.

I love to read YA literature and realized that I had no way of remembering what I liked/didn’t like about a book and whether I would ever want to use it in the future, so I decided to review them here on this blog.  I will be putting each review into different categories in order to aid you in finding books specific to your needs.  These categories will revolve around intended audience and content matter.

Please comment and let me know whether my format is useful or not, and what else would be helpful.  I will continue evolving the way that I review these books, and would love for this to be a useful tool for teachers/parents and maybe students to pick out quality books.

I have some links going to Amazon through their affiliate program, and some from the indiebound affiliates program because it supports local/independent book stores.  Any money made from these links will be used to continue building my classroom library.  So if you feel inclined to buy one of the books reviewed, feel free to do so by linking through my site.  If you choose not to order online I encourage you to find an independent bookstore in your area.

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13 Responses

  1. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. To answer your question, I do not just read YA lit. However, I am trained as a school media specialist, so I do try to keep up with both YA and children’s lit. My blog is just a reflection of whatever I’m reading. This varies from things I read to my children (preschool age) to books I read for my own interest or edification.

    Your blog looks great! There are a lot of YA books I’ve missed over the years, so I’ll try to check back here occasionally and add a few to my TBR list!

  2. You’ve been Splashed! Check out the award I gave you at:

  3. Hi Sara,

    Good luck at your interview! I am glad you found my blog! I will be checking yours out as well! Always glad to find fellow teachers with a passion for ya lit! And I am originally from Ohio too! My blog is fairly new and still evolving, I am always happy for any feedback!

  4. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Education was my previous life, so I take YA pretty seriously. I hope educators will use your blog to find books that will both interest students and serve as a spring board for discussions on serious issues.

    — girlwunder

  5. If you stop by the Blook Blather there is an award for you. (If you would stop by J. Kaye’s Book Blog, there is a special award waiting for you!)

  6. Hi, Sara:

    The Prizm Books division of Torquere Press has just published my novel, Josef Jaeger, aimed at YA GLBT readers. Here’s a link to the blurb:


    Here’s what one reviewer said about my book:


    Here’s a link to my website:


    If you would like to review my book I can send you the e-Book version or, if you prefer the print version, I’ll have my publisher mail it to you if you will give me your postal addess.

    Much thanks,

    Jere’ M. Fishback

  7. Great blog! I checked it out a few weeks ago but was in too much of a rush to linger (I was reminded of it during my last visit to the English Companion Ning). You’re doing great work here! It will make for a great conversation piece during your job interviews. Also, thanks for letting me know about the Indie Bookstore link. Right now I’ve got all my blog traffic going through Amazon, but you’ve made me rethink that.

  8. I like your blog’s title because its so very true! If it’s okay I’d like to link to you. It’d be great if you would post a link to my site!



  9. Love your information. It is great to see you share your reading experiences with others. I love the link to indi stores as I am one of them and appreciate your dedication to promoting the independent. And not to mention YA is always been a favorite. Thanks and Happy Reading. 🙂 Janet at The Reading Tree

  10. Thought you might be interested in a story published in the last couple of days in the New York Times: http://nyti.ms/hBtUg9


  11. I have stumbled upon your blog, and it’s good to see – would love to do the same type of thing. I’m doing a Master’s in Children’s Literature at Roehampton University in London (distance learning – it’s fantastic) ..and write reviews of children’s books for examiner.com in Boston. You can see one of my latest at

    It’s about a book I really liked – I’ll Sing You One-O, by Nan Gregory.
    About foster children, from the inside out.

    If you like the review, you can subscribe to follow..

    Good luck with everything –

    -Nancy P.

  12. Hi. I’m writing about my YA novel, Au Pair Girl:


    And also the trailer for it. Au Pair Girl is published by a small indie press, so I had to put together the folks involved and go out and shoot the trailer myself, but I’m proud of how it turned out:

    Getting the word out about my book has fallen largely to me, so if you’re lookin’ for an indie thriller to review, I’d be glad to send along a pdf of it to you.

    Thanks —


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