It’s A Book- Lane Smith

This is not a traditionally YA Book.  It’s a Book is a short book written as a children’s picture book.  Maybe it was meant to be a children’s book.  But, I see it as a book that adults, and now probably teens, will get the most out of.  In the book, the donkey, or jack ass if you will, is confused that the monkey is reading a book.  He attempts to figure out what a book can do- can it make noise, be charged etc.  Here is a trailer for a short film that was made using the books illustrations.  

Perhaps making it into a movie that is accessible on youtube is a bit ironic- as I think it’s perhaps better received in it’s natural form of A BOOK!

I’d love to use this book at the beginning of the year with any class but especially grades 7-12 when they’ve gotten past a lot of the children’s books and are now going for technology over paper books.  Though I do own a Kindle so I can’t be too judgmental.