Quick Survey!

Hi everybody, I’m currently working on reading Thirteen Reasons Why by Asher and The Book Theif by Zusak so hopefully I’ll have some quality reviews for you shortly.  In the meantime I am curious as to who reads this blog.  Whether you read on a regular basis or are just stopping by because you were looking for something on Google please take a second and participate in the polls about age and gender and such things.  Thanks so much!

Huckleberry Finn Poll #1

The Hunger Games Poll #2

Here is my second Hunger Games poll.  I know which one I liked most- do you?

The Hunger Games Poll #1

As I gear up to write my reviews of Catching Fire and Mockingjay I have come up with a few polls to keep you entertained.  Here is Poll #1: (If you post a comment, please don’t post any spoilers for those who have not read the books yet)

Poll #9- Book Banning

Continuing my conversations about book banning here is a new poll!

Book Banning- is it a necessary evil?


Twilight Poll Results

I did not get too many people to vote, but I promised that I’d post the results in a week so here they are.  I am leaving the poll open though for people to continue voting on!

What was your favorite Twilight book?

Twilight 37.5% (3 votes)

Total Votes: 8

Twilight Poll

I will summarize the results in a week!