Max- James Patterson (Maximum Ride Novel #5)

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After becoming pretty interested in the first four books in this series I was very excited to get my hands on Max the fifth installment.  I was under the impression that this was the final book- I cannot remember if there was a specific reason that I believed that but- I was wrong.  The ends are not tied up neatly at the end of this book.  Instead I am once again left wondering what happens next.  I am not sure how I feel about that.

I am unsure as to how I should feel about this because this book lacked something the others had.  I am not sure exactly what it was, but I was much less satisfied with this one.  Certain parts of the story are developed more, such as the relationship between Max and Fang.  But I felt we went no where with regards to who Jeb is, how Max is going to fulfill her destiny, and several other things.  This is not to say I don’t recommend it, but just be prepared?  I will probably continue reading the series, because Patterson did what he set out to do with these books and made me want, if not NEED to know what happens in the end.

I hear that a movie is in the works… and I think that could be super cool or super lame.  We’ll see which way it goes.

On a quite positive note, one of the kids that I have in the summer camp I’m working with loves these books so we were able to establish a connection/relationship by talking about them.  Which is one of the reasons I like reading YA.

My previous recommendations for these books being suitable for middle and high school students who want to read outside of school still stands.  In fact I noticed even more in this book how careful Patterson is to make sure that the language and situations are age appropriate.

Maximum Ride – James Patterson (Books 1-4)

James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series is directed towards a young adult audience, and is quite different than the majority of his other books.  These books center on the character of Max who is a strong-willed 14 year old girl who is an avian-human hybrid-i.e. a bird-kid.  She, along with 5 others, can fly.  This series not only deals with the standard issues of being a teenager that is common in young adult literature, but also with not knowing your parents, bio-ethics, global warming, and conspiracy theories.  While definitely fantastical in nature the way in which the books are written is quite realistic- much of what is presented does not seem so far out of the realm of possibility that it is absolutely unbelievable.

I like the fact that there is a strong female protagonist in this series, especially since it is more science oriented.  And, due to the issues presented regarding science, this book could be used in a science class, or in an interdisciplinary unit.  I would recommend this book to girls and boys equally.  Students interested in adventure, action, and or science will be interested in these books.  They are accessible for and appropriate for students from grade 7 and up- though the level of discussion they elicit will depend on the maturity of the student.

There is also an on-line community for kids to get involved with these books and to take action against global warming which is at the center of the fourth book.

There is also a site for educators located here:

I have not used any of these lessons and so cannot vouch for them.

Book 1: The Angel Experiment
Book 2: School’s Out- Forever
Book 3: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
Book 4: The Final Warning

The fifth installment (Max) is due for release mid-March 2009.


ALA/YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers
VOYA 2005 Review Editor’s Choice Book
London Times Children’s Book of the Week
2007 IRA Young Adult Choices title
2006 – 2007 Florida Teen Book Award Master List title
2007 New Hampshire Teen Readers Book Award Master List title
2007 – 2008 Missouri Gateway Teen Book Award Master List title
2007 – 2008 Colorado Blue Spruce Award Master List title