The Fault in Our Stars- John Green

Mini Review:

I read this book several months ago and- like everything I’ve read by John Green, I loved it.  LOVED.  I of course bawled my eyes out and all that jazz.  But let me take a minute to explain what I liked about it… I liked, that once again, John Green is making smart kids cool.  That the sexual experiences in the book are well thought out and purposeful and not at all gratuitous.  I like the flow of the dialogue.  And, I really liked, that it got students reading.

I have yet to see the movie but I will soon.  Anyways, I give this book a big thumbs up and think it’s definitely a book both tens and adults can enjoy and learn from.

I think this book is most appropriate for high school students.  I do think it could be used as a whole class read but I would probably just keep it on my bookshelf and recommend it to students.

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Teaching Tools: Tears of a Tiger- Sharon Draper

Full disclosure- this is shameless self promotion.

That being said- I’ve created a packet of vocabulary activities, spelling/vocab tests, and questions to assist teachers with a 4 week long unit on Tears of A Tiger by Sharon Draper.  I’ve used all of the provided information in my own classroom and was met with success.  You can buy just the vocabulary packet, just the comprehension packet, or them all together as a bundle.


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Just Another Hero- Sharon Draper


Just Another Hero (Jericho Trilogy, The)

The Review:

The third book in Draper’s Jericho trilogy, Just Another Hero didn’t quite grab me nearly as much as The Battle of Jericho, and November Blues.  The back of the book immediately tells you that there is going to be an incident involving a gun in the story and for the better part of the book I was waiting for that.  On one hand that was good as it built some sense of suspense.  I kept wanting to turn the page to find the action.  However, after the incident occurs I wish Draper had spent more time examining the aftermath.  How did everyone change due to the experience?  It wasn’t a bad book at all, but I just thought it could have gone a little further.  I’d definitely include this  in my classroom with the rest of the trilogy but I would not teach it as a whole class novel.

As with most of Draper’s books this will appeal to girls and guys alike, urban students, and those in likely 7th grade and up.

The Lowdown (Via Scholastic)

 Interest Level : Grades 9 – 12 (I would include 7-8)

Grade Level Equivalent: 4.8

Includes: Scholastic Reading Counts! Quiz , Accelerated Reader Quiz


Around the Web- Summer Reading Flowchart: What Should You Read On Your Break?

On Facebook I saw someone post this awesome info graphic from  What do you think?

Summer Reading Flowchart: What Should You Read On Your Break? |

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Racism and The Hunger Games?

When I was looking at my Facebook newsfeed this evening I saw that a friend had posted this link: Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed.

Intrigued, I clicked on it and checked out the article on  Apparently people who saw the movie this weekend (I have yet to see it) were upset by the fact that Rue and other characters were black.  The article points out that in the book several of the characters are described as having dark skin.  So it made me think- did I picture these characters as black?  Did I picture them as white?  I honestly can’t remember.  But I can also say I don’t ever remember watching any movie, tv show, etc and being disappointed by the race of the actor cast in a role.  In many stories in fact I think race can be somewhat of a non-issue.  The Hunger Games doesn’t take place in a specific country or even a time that we can relate to so I don’t see race as we see it even being an issue to be discussed.  It’s a great story with great characters.  I’ll reserve judgement on the movie itself but this article is truly frightening to me.  If these are the opinions of our youth, of the future leaders of our country, and if they feel comfortable enough expressing these seemingly racist views then we still have a LOT of work to do in regards to race relations.


I’ll step off my soapbox now and hopefully will see the movie next weekend and will post a review.  I’m still working on finishing 13 Reasons Why  and The Book Thief which will also be forthcoming reviews!  Thanks for being patient!