A Year in Review: 2008-2009

Well, despite a slow last couple of months, my blog has reached it’s one year anniversary.  And I think the year has been rather successful.  I experimented with different styles of reviews, having polls, and the types of YA lit that I’ve read.  I have plenty more to do, and I am hoping to renew my efforts for year number 2.


For now, here’s a recap of all the books I’ve reviewed here on YA Lit, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

October 2008

Cut- Patricia McCormick

Out of the Dust– Karen Hess

Leaving Fischers- Margaret Haddix

A Hero Ain’t Nothing But A Sandwich– Alice Childress

Whale Talk– Chris Crutcher

Looking For Alaska- John Green

November 2008

Romiette and Julio– Sharon Draper

House of the Scorpion- Nancy Farmer

Seek- Paul Fleischman

Scorpions- Walter Dean Meyers

I am the Cheese- Robert Cormier

Twisted- Laurie Halse Anderson

Monster- Walter Dean Meyers


December 2008

Copper Sun– Sharon Draper


January 2009

I am the Messenger – Markus Zusak

Slam– Nick Hornby


February 2009

Maximum Ride– James Patterson

An Abundance of Katherines– John Green


March 2009

Boy Proof- Cecil Castellucci

Room in the Heart- Sonia Levitin

Confessions of an Not it Girl- Melissa Kantor

How Ya Like Me Now?– Brendan Halpin

Cuba 15- Nancy Osa

Bullyville- Francine Prose

Tangerine- Edward Bloor

Wintergirls- Laurie Halse Anderson

Beauty Shop For Rent- Laura Bowers


April 2009

The Battle of Jericho- Sharon Draper

Persepolis– Marjane Satrapi

A Step From Heaven– An Na

Kit’s Wilderness- David Almond

The White Darkness- Geraldine McCaughrean

American Born Chinese- Gene Luen Yang

Nation- Terry Pratchett


May 2009

The Chocolate War – Robert Cormier

Dead is the New Black- Marlene Perez

Jellicoe Road– Melina Marchetta

Tears of a Tiger– Sharon Draper

Being Nikki- Meg Cabot


June 2009

Ghostgirl– Tonya Hurley

Max- James Patterson


July 2009

The Hunger Games– Suzanne Collins

So Not The Drama- Paula Chase

Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes- Chris Crutcher


August 2009

Ghostgirl:Homecoming- Tonya Hurley


September-October 2009

No new book reviews- though I did re-read Tears of A Tiger and Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes during these months.


I’ve made it through 45 reviews.  I hope to top that during my second year.  Stay tuned!



Confessions of a Not It Girl- Melissa Kantor

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Confessions of a Not It Girl was a fun light novel that I think provides an alternate idea of what life is like in NYC to that which is presented in Gossip Girl.  While it doesn’t deal with many MAJOR teen issues it deals well with all the little things that teens go through.  I really identified with the way the main character Jan (pronounced Yahn), a senior in high school, was crushing on this boy Josh.  In fact I think teens, young adults, and probably even middle aged women with crushes can see a little bit of themselves in her.  There was some discussion of teenage drinking and the potential for sexual intercourse without any discussion of the consequences which is something that bothered me.  I do not mind those topics being talked about in books for teens, but I think it is important to make some mention of the potential consequences from making those choices.  That being said, nothing was overly explicit or inappropriate and I would not feel out of place recommending it to a student or having it on my bookshelf for students to read.  This book should probably be reserved for 9-12th graders.  I would not use it as required reading for a class.


2004 A Booklist Top Ten Romance Novel for Youths

Publisher’s Weekly editor’s pick

Completed the YA Book Challenge!!




 2009 Young Adult Book Challenge


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My Read list:

1. Slam- Nick Hornby
2. Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports- James Patterson
3. Maximum Ride: The Final Warning- James Patterson (see above link)
4. An Abundance of Katherines- John Green
5.  Cuba 15– Nancy Osa
6. Bullyville– Francine Prose
7. Tangerine– Edward Bloor
8. Wintergirls- Laurie Halse Anderson
9. How Ya Like Me Now– Brendan Halpin
10. Beauty Shop for Rent– Laura Bowers
11. Boy Proof– Cecil Castellucci
12. Room in the Heart– Sonia Levitin
13. Confessions of a Not It Girl– Melissa Kantor

Reading Plan for the Weekend 3/27-3/29

My plan for this weekend reading wise is to read:

“Room in the Heart” by Sonia Levitin 


“Confessions of a Not It girl” by Melissa Kantor

I would like to add a third book to at least start but I believe this is all I have out of the library at this point!  Even if I read both of these this weekend I will probably post one review today and the other around Monday sometime.  

Since I’ll be getting a new batch of books from the library this week does anyone have any suggestions?!