Failed Review: Fade to Blue- Sean Beaudoin

This is my first Failed Review, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I started reading Fade to Blue months ago.  I was immediately drawn to it’s graphic cover and the fact that it included a comic in the middle.  Unfortunately as I read I became more and more confused.  With alternate realities and interwoven plots/characters I just couldn’t keep up.  Maybe this isn’t the book for me to read before bed, but try as I might I just couldn’t figure it out.  And finally I had to do something I almost never do.  I quit.  I stopped reading it.  I’m not sure if I think it is a bad book, I just think its not the right book for me.  I have seen positive reviews on other blogs about the book, so I don’t want to discourage others from reading it.  But if you are like me and are not normally a sci-fi or fantasy lover, and have a difficult time following complex interwoven plots then perhaps this isn’t the book for you.  I do see it as having a lot of cover appeal to teens, and I am sure many will enjoy it’s contents as well.