This upcoming school year I will be working as an aide at a school that combines traditional education (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) with mental health services for kids with Emotional Impairments.  During my orientation this past week I was able to learn a little about Bibliotherapy!  I am so excited for this idea.  With bibliotherapy teachers and counselors use books to meet therapeutic goals along with academic goals.  The idea is that students may open up about themselves by identifying with characters in books- and can look more objectively at situations.  The organization I am working for has created lesson plans for over 100 books that stem from picture books to classic YA Lit!  For example, they have a lesson on Monster by Walter Dean Meyers (which I love).

I am very excited to see this in action and to potentially develop similar lesson plans for some of the books I have reviewed here.  I’ve been trying to find more information online about it but am a hard time for finding information specific to young adults!

Have you heard of biliotherapy and or do you use it?