The List- Siobhan Vivian (ARC)


The List

The Review:

I received this book as an ARC almost 2 years ago at the conference I attended but never got to read it.  I’m glad I eventually made it to it!  The premise of this book is that each year, in the fall, a list is produced at the high school that names the hottest and the ugliest girl in each grade.  The book then goes on to follow each of the girls named to see how being on the list, either as the hottest or the ugliest, affects their lives in the weeks leading up to homecoming.  I enjoyed the book but thought it barely scratched the surface.  The characters were widely varied which I appreciated, but because it followed so many girls I found I didn’t get as invested in any one of them as I’d have liked.

I wouldn’t teach this book as a whole class novel, however, The Common Core explains that students aren’t reading enough text that is complex in the way it was written.  This isn’t an overly complicated book but because of the chapters focusing on different girls the reader has to think a little bit more and focus a little bit more than in other books.  I think this book is appropriate for 7th-12th grade.  This is definitely a book aimed at girls and I don’t see many males being interested in it at all.  I would feel comfortable having this book on my shelf for students to read.

The Lowdown (Via Scholastic)

 Interest Level: Grade 8-12

Grade Level Equivalent: N/A via Scholastic- Approximately 4th grade based on ATOS score of 4.8

Includes: Scholastic Reading Counts! Quiz , Accelerated Reader Quiz


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