It’s Summer Time!

The school I work at just got out a week ago, so now that I’m officially on summer break for the next 5 weeks I need a summer reading plan!

I’m so out of the loop with my reading that I am in dire need of suggestions.  I’m hoping I can finish about 10 books.  So- hit me… what do you suggest?  YA or adult, I’ll take all suggestions.  Also, if you have any kindle books you can lend me I’d be interested in that as well!!


4 Responses

  1. The Omnivore’s Dilemma (adult or YA, they have versions for both) or Chew on This — both are non-fiction books about our food supply. Finding a decent non-fiction book for middle school was my summer challenge. I liked both of these and now just need to figure out how to get enough of one of them for my kids to read.

  2. I’ll lend you Water for Elephants on Kindle as soon as I finish, if you want. I also have a fun YA book called The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner that you might like. It’s a science fiction book that takes place in New Zealand.

    • I read Water For Elephants a few years back and loved it but thanks for the offer. The YA sound intriguing…

  3. You can check out my reviews for some ideas…I review children’s books for Here’s one of them..

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