As it is the new year, it is time for a few resolutions.  Here are the things I’ve resolved to do with regards to this blog:

1. Post once a week for all 52 weeks in 2011

2. Post more than that whenever possible

3. Read 50 books (I realize I’ve resolved to do this every year for the past 3-4 years, and have failed- but this might be the year.)

4. Continue to work on my review style/format to make it the most helpful to all my readers


The above are things I have complete control over.  The following are some goals that I’m setting that I can work towards, but aren’t entirely in my control.

1. Average 20 hits a day

2. Average 150 hits a week (I realize this means getting more than 20 hits a day.)

3. Average 600 hits a month

4. Get more responses on polls and posts

5. Have hit 14,000 hits by June and 18,000 hits by next January

If I can hit the above goals I will be looking into hosting this site on its own unique domain.


What are your blogging/reading resolutions and goals for 2011?


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