E-Readers- What’s the deal?

I’ve asked to receive a Kindle for Christmas.  As much as I love reading books in their original paper state, it just isn’t as convenient when traveling.  And, since I do a lot of reading while traveling it seems like a good idea to bring less with me!  This summer I brought 5 books with me to Tahoe- including Breaking Dawn, talk about adding a lot of weight!

I’m pretty set on wanting the Kindle, but I’ve heard other people talking about the competition out there and was wondering if any of my readers had anything to say about it.  My best friend’s mother is worried about being able to “borrow” e-books from libraries.  Others have talked about how an iPad will let you read books and do so much more.  I know there’s the Nook and a few others.

So what do you think?  What do you use?

3 Responses

  1. I absolutely LOVE my iPad, especially when traveling. I’m writing this on it now. I’m currently reading two books, a magazine, and a couple of technical papers on it. Also, since it handles PDFs so well, it’s handy for carrying travel documents.

    That said, the Kindle and nook are probably better ebook readers. They do a single thing, and do it exceptionally well. I strongly recommend the 3G Kindle over the other models.

    I also understand that Amazon will be allowing lending in the relatively near future. I don’t know the details of that, though. I gather that it’s designed around personal lending rather than library lending. But, it would seem logical that they would address the creation of public ebook libraries.

  2. At least here in Brooklyn the only e-reader that allows borrowed e-books from the library is the Nook, and they have a new color Nook that can play video as well. That said, from what I’ve read the Kindle is the best e-reader if you’re just going to use it for books.

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