NaNoWriMo: 11/3

I started my novel last night.  Wow, that sounds weird writing that- I mean a few paragraphs is certainly not a novel, though I suppose it is the way the vast majority of novels start.  Anyways, I started writing it yesterday and continued typing today.  I wrote a lot more today than yesterday so I think that is good. I am not however, reaching the word count goals that I should be to stay on track to reach 50,000 words by November 30th.  I am also finding it difficult not to edit as I go a long.  I am trying very hard to just write, stream of conciousness almost so that I can go back later and refine refine refine.

This is an interesting project so stick with me to see how it goes.  Oh and of course, I am attempting to write a Young Adult novel! Did you expect anything different?


To date:

938 words

One Response

  1. Write faster. I’m tellin’ ya, you need to be shameless to do it in 30 days. No sense in going halfway, just wear out that keyboard! You’ll have another 11 months to edit.

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