Breaking Dawn- Stephenie Meyer

At last, my review of the 4th and final book in the infamous Twilight saga!

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I was SUPER excited to get my hands on this book.  I started reading it on my car ride back from Cheboygan, Michigan over July 4th weekend- but I was using my friends copy.  So, in the airport on my way to Tahoe, I put down twenty three dollars, and bought the hardback copy to take with me.  (In hindsight, this was a poor choice due to the pure weight of this book.)  Each day of my vacation I read just a little more until I finally finished it!

I have to say I was not sure what to expect.  I knew that this book has Edward and Bella becoming more sexually active- and some of my friends felt that the descriptions of their love making was too graphic.  I however disagreed.  I felt that especially since they waited till after Bella was 18, and they were married that it was dealt with quite tastefully.  There is no description of intimate body parts so I feel like most students/teens could handle it.

Sex aside, I’m not 100 percent sure how I feel about this installment of the series.  I felt like it drug on at times and I found myself waiting for the “big event” and when that event came, I was left wanting.  I wish there was more action in this book like there was in Eclipse (the movie for which I have STILL NOT SEEN!).  Overall though I felt this book tied up some loose ends and closed out the saga nicely.

Overall, what did you think of the Twilight saga?  Hmm… maybe I’ll post a poll soon!

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