This upcoming school year I will be working as an aide at a school that combines traditional education (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) with mental health services for kids with Emotional Impairments.  During my orientation this past week I was able to learn a little about Bibliotherapy!  I am so excited for this idea.  With bibliotherapy teachers and counselors use books to meet therapeutic goals along with academic goals.  The idea is that students may open up about themselves by identifying with characters in books- and can look more objectively at situations.  The organization I am working for has created lesson plans for over 100 books that stem from picture books to classic YA Lit!  For example, they have a lesson on Monster by Walter Dean Meyers (which I love).

I am very excited to see this in action and to potentially develop similar lesson plans for some of the books I have reviewed here.  I’ve been trying to find more information online about it but am a hard time for finding information specific to young adults!

Have you heard of biliotherapy and or do you use it?

Postcards From No Man’s Land- Aidan Chambers

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I had started this book in the Spring of 2008 and for some reason I never finished it.  In the hopes of checking off another book on my Printz challenge and because I found a super cheap copy at a dollar store I decided to try again.  I’m glad I did.

Postcards From No Man’s Land weaves together two stories separated by decades.  One story describes the impact of WWII on Holland and its citizens while the other is a modern day story of a teen boy visiting Holland on his own.  In both stories issues of sexuality are discussed, though I was not always sure as to why they were pertinent to the teen boys story.  The book was very descriptive and it definitely held my interest. There are interesting family dynamics explored in the book as well.

This is a book for high school students.  The content and the vocabulary make it appropriate for grades 9-12.  I would consider using in a classroom but would probably send a note home outlining to parents the controversial topics it discusses.  It may be a useful book for history teachers as well.

I was glad to finally read another book with a male protagonist!


1999 Carnegie Award

2003 Printz Award

Those of you who have read it, what did you think?

Recent Acquisition

The other day at TJ Maxx I found a paperback copy of The Book Thief by Zusak.  I started this book a few years ago but never finished it.  I’m looking forward to digging in!

What books have you gotten recently?

Summer Reading Update: 8/4

This past weekend I traveled to Chicago and while I was there I read Double Dutch by Sharon Draper.  I am not even close to the number of books that I wanted to read this summer… AND I’m behind on my reviews.  Blogger FAIL. I will try to remedy both situations ASAP.  I am counting the end of August as the end of Summer, even though I got a new job (YAY!) and training starts August 11th.

Hope to see you soon with a review, or 3…