Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer

First of all, I’m sorry.  I wrote a review of Eclipse and thought I had posted it but apparently it disappeared.

I finished Eclipse several weeks ago and really enjoyed it.  I really enjoyed reading about how Bella and her leading men, Edward and Jacob developed.  The relationships get even more complicated.  This book was decidedly more sexual than the first two, but it was still tasteful and appropriate.  I like the fact that Meyer doesn’t shy away from the idea of teen sexuality but that she shows teens considering it at age 18 so they are legally adults, and with some though process.  That being said, Edward is over a hundred years old– should we be disturbed by this?  Either way I need to get my hands on a copy of Breaking Dawn so that I can finish the series.  And, I am very excited to see Eclipse this summer.

Summer Reading Plan

This is my last full week of work before the end of the school year so naturally I have started to plan out my summer.  I know what trips I’m taking, what weddings I’m attending, and what activities I want to enjoy.  I have not as of yet decided on a summer reading list for myself yet.

I have been extremely bad about reading so far in 2010, so I am thinking the summer is the perfect time to pick up the pace.  Lay your suggestions on me in the comments… I need ideas!  I’m hoping I can average a little over one book a week… and there are around 11 weeks.  Using that math let’s say I want to read 25 books this summer.  I can do it!!