New Moon- Stephenie Meyer

I read New Moon a couple of months ago and never got around to reviewing it… so here it goes.

I had high expectations for the second novel in the Twilight saga and I was disappointed. I was much less intrigued by the characters at this point and was frustrated with them throughout.  I found myself not siding with either Edward or Jacob.  I did not like the fact that Bella spent so much time upset over a guy.  I get that this is meant to be a very intense relationship- but I prefer strong female protagonists.

Watching the movie I felt the same way.

I have this book on my shelf for my students to read.  One of my girls has eagerly gobbled up the entire series after I lent her the first three books.  In fact I ended up having to let her read Eclipse before I did! (Review of that coming soon!)  I do not think that I would ever use this book in a whole class setting though.  I’m glad I read it though, because it was necessary to understand everything that happens in Eclipse.


Question of the Week #2

A few months ago I posted Question of the Week #1 and didn’t get many responses, but I have a question I want to ask so I am trying again.

What YA book that you have read has crossover appeal to the general adult population?  We see lists telling us which books written for adults teens will enjoy, but not vice versa.  So what are your picks?

I will post my thoughts next week.