Sold- Patricia McCormick

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I read this book back around Halloween and never sat down and wrote my review.  I really enjoyed Sold.  It was a super fast read for me and I polished it off in just a few hours.  I thought that by writing it in a series of vignettes McCormick made it more accessible and readable for students of all ability levels.  The story deals with a girl in Nepal who is sold into sexual slavery.  The way that McCormick deals with the sexual side of the story is tasteful but still illustrates the horrors that were endured.

This book is definitely a high school level book.  I think it would be appropriate for a high school class.  I would also recommend it for use in a Human Rights class.  It will appeal more to female v, male students but deals with a topic that I think everyone should learn about.


  • ALA Top 10 Best Book for Young Adults 2007
  • National Book Award Finalist 2007
  • National Public Radio – Top 100 Books of the Year 2007
  • Book Sense Pick 2007
  • California Young Reader Medal 2007
  • Quill Award 2007
  • Gustav-Heinemann-Peace Prize 2008

One Response

  1. I agree that this is a book for older readers. I loved it and find the cover so mesmerizing. The ending is great for starting a discussion.

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