Ghostgirl:Homecoming- Tonya Hurley


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This is the sequel to Ghostgirl- Tonya Hurley which I already reviewed.  Again the cover is visually appealing, and the book has a rich feel to it.  I think that overall I enjoyed the first book more, but I can’t say why exactly- I guess I just found the story line a bit more intriguing.  If you liked the first book and want to see what happens next then I recommend this book.  It is still appropriate for any young adult readers and I would feel comfortable having it in my classroom and recommending it to students who showed an interest.  I would not use it as a teaching text however.  

July Recap

Sorry this is so late!

I managed to finish 4 books in July, and got most of the way through another so my August is off to a pretty good start as well.  

Books read in July:

33. So Not the Drama– Paula Chase
34. Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes– Chris Crutcher
35. The Quickie- James Patterson 
36. Ghostgirl: Homecoming- Tonya Hurley (not reviewed yet)


Total YA books read in July- 3

Total adult books read in July- 1

Total books in July- 4

Total books for the year- 36