Ghostgirl- Tonya Hurley

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I do not usually comment on the “cover appeal” of a book, but as soon as I received this book in the mail I was instantly intrigued because of how cool the cover is.  The white background in the middle of the cover shown above is really clear plastic with a black silhouette on it.  The book seems luxurious, and the pages on the outside have silver on them.  

OK, enough about the cover.  The premise of this book is that a high school girl dies unexpectedly and before she gets the chance to go to the fall dance with her dream date.  She discovers however, that once she is dead she still has plenty of things to learn, and people to help.  There were several things that I specifically enjoyed about this book that I felt make it a little more unique.  One of those things were the quotes, poems, and song lyrics that were placed on the first page of each new chapter.  From Evanescence to Poe and Dickinson, they were all very interesting to read.  I also felt that the selfishness/self-centeredness of the main character was portrayed quiet realistically to how, lets face it, the majority of teens are.  I enjoyed the rest of the book though there were some lines here and there that I felt could have been excluded and made the book seem a little bit more high-quality.  I wish I could find my example again easily, but alas, I didn’t mark the page.  I wouldn’t use this book as a teaching tool, but I will be including it in my classroom library.  There is a little bit of discussion of teenage sexuality but there are no graphic scenes in it.  This is definitely a book that female students would enjoy rather than their male counterparts.  And I would say that any one from perhaps the 8th grade and up could read it.  IT’s easy enough for younger, but the sexual parts that are included to me, make it unsuitable for younger readers.


There is a website that goes along with this book and its sequel that comes out in just a few more days!  Visit for more information.


I will be reviewing the sequel to Ghostgirl, Ghostgirl: Homecoming within the next few weeks I hope.

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