YALSA YA Bookshelf Project

Someone on one of the Ning’s  I belong to mentioned the YA Bookshelf Project being done by YALSA so I decided to explore it more.  On the YALSA wiki they are compiling a list of books that would appeal to a broad range of 12-18 year olds.  They explain that it isn’t just a “best of” list, but rather aiming to be more all-encompassing.  A list that has something for everyone.  

The list, found here, has many books that I haven’t heard of, and every book that I thought of to add was already on there.  I like that the include a section for non-fiction as there are plenty of non-fiction books out there written for young adults.  

I think that I will perhaps refer back to this list as I grow my classroom library!


3 Responses

  1. How do you get your blogroll to show up on the page? Mine does not….

    • Go to Appearance, Widgets, and then add the links widget to one of your sidebars. That should do it. Anything in your links category will show up on your blog then.

  2. What a great project. Thanks for passing this along!

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