Results: Poll 7- Content in YA Lit

Here are the results of this week’s poll:

Should sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence be portrayed in YA Lit?

1. Yes. Kids experience it so it should be included. 56% (10 votes)

2. Yes, but only if the potential consequences of participating in those activities is shown. 17% (3 votes)

3. Other: 11% (2 votes)

4. No, stories can be told without including those. 6% (1 votes)

4. Yes to some of the things listed, no to others. 6% (1 votes)

4.Depends on if the book is being used in a classroom setting. 6% (1 votes)


I find these results interesting.  My personal vote, not included in the totals above, is that they can be included but consequences should be discussed.  I don’t mean that they must be preachy novels, or hammered into teens skulls- but I don’t think any of the above should be made to seen as the norm, or glamorous.  If a character is having sex in the novel then they should either explicitly use protection, or some discussion of the potential consequences of unprotected sex should be mentioned.  I think that YA’s get enough of the sex drugs etc etc in television, movies, and in real life.  


I am not posting any new polls for awhile because i’m out of ideas… Do you have any?!


One Response

  1. Maybe which award winners will survive the test of time? Kind of like Charlotte’s Web. It didn’t win the Newbery but people love it. Meanwhile, the Newbery Award winner of that year has been completely lost.

    By the way, which were the “other” votes on this one?

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