Results for Poll #5- Favorite YA Authors

Here are the results from last week’s poll about who your Favorite YA Authors are.

1.Laurie Halse Anderson 40% (6 votes)
2.Other: 27% (4 votes) 
3.John Green 13% (2 votes) 
4.Robert Cormier 7% (1 votes)
4.Sharon Draper 7% (1 votes)
4.Chris Crutcher 7% (1 votes)

It wasn’t a very big sample… but interesting results nonetheless.  Check back tomorrow for a new poll, and feel free to give me suggestions for future polls.

One Response

  1. FYI~ I posted a link to this poll from my Facebook, but people wound up giving me their answers instead of to your poll. So, I know this will skew the voting percentage, but these were my friends’ contributions:
    ~Barry Lyga
    ~David Levithan/Rachel Cohn
    ~Annette Curtis Klause
    ~James Kennedy

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