Results from Poll #4

Last week I asked: Does YA lit have a place in high school classrooms?  And, here are the results- keep in mind, being a blog about YA literature, my sample might be a bit skewed in one direction.
1.  Yes, it is a valuable tool for teachers. 68% (27 votes)
2.  Depends on the book. 28% (11 votes)
3.  Other: 5% (2 votes)
4.  Only in non-honors classes. 0% (0 votes)
4.  No, only the classics should be taught. 0% (0 votes)
I think using YA lit in the classroom can be very useful.  YA lit can grab the attention of students in ways that a lot of “classic” literature cannot.  I do not think I’d advocate for only using YA lit, but I do think it could be used more- especially with struggling students and reluctant learners.  It is hard to identify with a character from Pride and Prejudice or The Great Gatsby because our students lives are so drastically different from those characters.  But bring out a book written specifically for and about teens and suddenly they can relate.  And, ideally if they like YA lit, they may be inspired to branch out and read other things as well.
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