Poll #3-Brit Lit Results!

Here are the results for this week’s poll.  

What one British Classic do you think that all high school students should read?

1.  Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen 23% (6 votes)
1.   1984- George Orwell 23% (6 votes)
2.  Mary Shelley- Frankenstein 12% (3 votes)
2.  Heart of Darkness- Joseph Conrad 12% (3 votes)
3.  Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte 8% (2 votes)
3.  A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens 8% (2 votes)
3.  Dracula- Bram Stoker 8% (2 votes)
4.  Animal Farm- George Orwell 4% (1 votes)
4.  Great Expectations- Charles Dickens 4% (1 votes)

The following books got zero votes:

Waiting for Godot- Samuel Beckett 0% (0 votes)

feedback barWuthering Heights- Emily Bronte 0% (0 votes)
I guess it is a good thing that I am finally making my way through 1984.

2 Responses

  1. I hope you post this again when you get some comments. I’ll start.

    I don’t think Pride and Prejudice measures up against some of the other texts here for relevance, especially a post colonial analysis of Heart of Darkness or a commentary of technology and gender roles that Frankenstein can support. I do support 1984 yielding votes.

    • I have to say I was a little surprised that P and P got so many votes, though people do love their Austen.

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