Nation- Terry Pratchett

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This Printz honor book has historical and fantastical elements to it.  With both male and female teens being central to the story it will appeal to both sexes.  As the characters are on an isolated island there is a lot of adventure, science, and discussion of faith.  Some parts of the story seemed to drag to me, and or were hard to follow, but overall I found it engaging and interesting and worth the read.  The story also deals with the issues of racism.  I am not sure that I would use this book in a classroom because I think students could get confused as to whether it were historically accurate or not.  I would however recommend it to students to read independently.  I’d say this book is probably best suited for middle school students, but high schoolers may enjoy it as well.


2009 Printz Honor Book

2008 LA Times- Young Adult Finalist



5 Responses

  1. I agree that some parts seemed to drag a little. Interesting point about it being confusing whether it’s historically accurate!

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