The White Darkness- Geraldine McCaughrean

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The White Darkness is a novel that combines history, science, mystery, and teenage angst into a great read.  It is not a quick read as many YA books are, but is still fun to read.  I felt this book had a lot of substance to it.  Sym, a 14-year old girl, has an imaginary friend in the form of an explorer that died decades before she was born.  This imaginary friend gives this book a touch of fantasy but I would still classify it as realistic fiction.  Sym’s relationship with this friend reminds me of the protagonist in Nick Hornby’s Slam‘s relationship with his Tony Hawk poster.  Sym is a strong female character who uses her brain.  There is a slight love interest in the story, and plenty of intrigue.  I think this book could be used in a 9-12 classroom.  



2008 Printz Award Winner


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