Monthly update: March 2009

I’ve seen several blogs that update what they read and or reviewed for a month, and I kind of like that idea- it seems like a good way to make sure you didn’t miss something you might want to have read.  So I’m going to do it as well.  Here is my update for March 2009. (Numbers correspond to their placement on my list of books read so far for the entire year.)

7. Cuba 15– Nancy Osa
8. Bullyville– Francine Prose
9. Tangerine– Edward Bloor
10. Wintergirls- Laurie Halse Anderson
11. How Ya Like Me Now– Brendan Halpin
12. Beauty Shop for Rent– Laura Bowers
13. Storm Runners- T. Jefferson Parker (Adult Fiction)
14. Boy Proof– Cecil Castellucci
15. Room in the Heart– Sonia Levitin
16. Confessions of a Not It Girl– Melissa Kantor


Total YA Books in March: 9

Total Adult Books in March: 1

Total Books in March: 10

Total Books for Year: 16


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