Confessions of a Not It Girl- Melissa Kantor

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Confessions of a Not It Girl was a fun light novel that I think provides an alternate idea of what life is like in NYC to that which is presented in Gossip Girl.  While it doesn’t deal with many MAJOR teen issues it deals well with all the little things that teens go through.  I really identified with the way the main character Jan (pronounced Yahn), a senior in high school, was crushing on this boy Josh.  In fact I think teens, young adults, and probably even middle aged women with crushes can see a little bit of themselves in her.  There was some discussion of teenage drinking and the potential for sexual intercourse without any discussion of the consequences which is something that bothered me.  I do not mind those topics being talked about in books for teens, but I think it is important to make some mention of the potential consequences from making those choices.  That being said, nothing was overly explicit or inappropriate and I would not feel out of place recommending it to a student or having it on my bookshelf for students to read.  This book should probably be reserved for 9-12th graders.  I would not use it as required reading for a class.


2004 A Booklist Top Ten Romance Novel for Youths

Publisher’s Weekly editor’s pick

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  4. lol im reading this for a “hero journey” school project… im finding it difficult since the story is missing several hero jouney steps even though its a coming of age book….

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