Cut- Patricia McCormick

I thought that this book was pretty well written and would capture the interest of teen girls. It is realistic fiction. I would not recommend it as a book to be read as a class because I think there are other more intellectually challenging books available. That being said, I think it could be great for an independent read. It deals with the issue of cutting- and self-injurious students might be able to relate well to it. I would say that readers should be age 13 and older due to content.


ALA 2002 Best Books for Young Adults

2 Responses

  1. Hey, I read the same book, it wasn’t as great as I thought everyone was making it out to be, but it was okay. There are better books if you ask me out there, anyway I see your posting about self injury I have a website called you should check it out and post on my blogs I am trying to get more and more people so I could be considered in the self help society and get a contract from NPO.


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